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A box crammed full of our most popular meats, which will save you over £14! If bought together individually all this would cost you £69.78 – But YOU Get It All For JUST £55 With FREE Delivery!

Here’s What You Get For Your Money…

Buy Belly Pork Joint Online

1kg Belly Pork Joint – £6.80

Economical, great tasting and simple to cook, this whole pork belly joint is hand cut by our skilled butchers and is one of our favourites.

Buy Unsmoked Back Bacon Online

5lb Unsmoked Back Bacon – £10.49

Our unsmoked back bacon is traditionally cut from the back by our skilled butchers. Order online today for delivery straight to your door in the UK.

Buy Rump Steak 2x 8oz Online

2x 8oz Rump Steaks – £7.50

Our UK and Irish rump steaks from grass fed cattle offer a full flavoured cut. Matured for 21 days they are also incredibly versatile. 

Buy Pork Sausages Online

6x Pork Sausages – £3.60

The great British banger. Made with premium pork and seasoned to perfection, we are proud of the quality of our sausages here at Meat Supermarket.

Beef Short Rib 1kg

1kg Beef Short Rib – £6.50

Skillfully cut by our own butchers from prime grass-fed beef. Chunkier and far meatier than other rib cuts, these are a Meat Supermarket favourite.

400g Diced Beef – £3.50

Make nutritious, home cooked meals all year round with these good quality chunks of meat from British, grass fed cattle reared to the highest standards.

Bulk Buy Pork Steaks x10 (1kg Pack) Online - Meat Supermarket

10x Pork Steaks – £6.00

These handy pork loin steaks are hand-cut by our butchers from only premium pork. Order online today in the UK and get delivery within days.

Buy 3kg Beef Topside Roast Joint Online

1kg Beef Topside Joint – £8.00

This classic topside joint of choice for roasting is 21 day matured and then expertly trimmed, boned and rolled by our skilled butchers.

Buy Chicken Breast Online (5x200g) - Meat Supermarket

5x Chicken Breasts – £6.00

Make your meal planning easy and your money go further with our bulk packs of large chicken breast fillets to buy online from Meat Supermarket.

1lb Lean Mince Beef – £3.50

Our extra lean (10% fat) minced beef has minimal fat content meaning you can prepare a huge variety of family favourites whilst sticking to a healthy eating regime.

Fresh Gammon Steak

2x Gammon Steaks – £4.29

Gammon steaks can always be relied upon for an affordable, quick and easy midweek meal. Supplied in handy two portion packs, these steaks are a must!

Buy Prime Steak Burgers Online

4x Prime Steak Burgers – £3.60

These classic burgers are made from quality chopped beef steak and seasoned to perfection. Why not make Friday night, ‘burger night’?

All cut to order and delivered fresh, straight to your door in just days!

No matter where you live in the UK, we are able to deliver your meat cold, thanks to our ‘extra strong’ corrugated cardboard box, gel ice packs and state of the art air-infused internal padded ‘Thermo Bag’, which can keep the contents below 5°C for up to 48 hours. Where others suppliers ‘freeze’ we simply cut and pack everything to order to ensure your food reaches you in tip top condition.


Our aim has always been to supply you with restaurant quality meat at a price that’s hard to beat. If you bought this box today you would be able to make over 50 delicious, healthy family meals.